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Wednesday, June 29

How to empower Roma women

Updated on: 06.04.2009, 10:40

Published on: 06.04.2009, 10:36


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The Bulgarian minister of labor and social policy Emiliya Maslarova will open today an international seminar on the topic Empowering of Roma women in the context of the contemporary social policies exchange of experience and good practices.

The beginning of the 2-day seminar is at 10 am in the Center for human resources development and regional initiatives.

The aim of the seminar is to put an accent on the creation of equal opportunities for performance and development of the Roma women in the social, political and economic life of the country. This is the first international scale initiative which is initiated by Bulgaria for focusing on the potential of the Roma women for stimulation of the process of social integration of the Roma people.

The seminars agenda includes three main discussion panels increase of the gender information about the fight with the manifold discrimination and social exclusion of the Roma women, presentation of good practices in education, employment, healthcare and living, and the place of the Roma women between tradition and modernity.

Representatives of NGOs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro are invited to take part in the seminar.

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