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Thursday, June 30

Bulgarian Academy of Science: "Myth for Batak is pseudo-scientific show

Updated on: 26.04.2007, 16:44

Published on: 26.04.2007, 11:13

Author: Olga Yoncheva

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  • Parvanov: Provocation against Bulgarian history
  • Stanishev: There are numerous undeniable proofs of the tragedy, documented by international investigation committees and foreign journalists

In a declaration to the media, the chairman of Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS) akad. Ivan Yuhnovsky declared that BAS and the Ethnographic institute museum in BAS explicitly refuse to provide place for presentation of the so called the Myth for Batak project and insist their name not to be involved in any way with such pseudo-scientific show.

Akad. Yuhnovsky added that the project authors' request for a place for discussion is unacceptable because the expressed theses on scientific point of view were primitive and groundless and could not be subject to scientific discussion, informed Bulgarian National Radio.

Bulgarian and European science have so far collected huge amount of historical and material proofs and written data for the massacres in Batak and Perushtitza, continues the declaration.

To remind that two scientists from the Free University of Berlin proposed a project, which envisaged a joint German-Bulgarian scientific group to analyze the permanent exhibition of the Historical Museum in Batak while at the same time a temporary exhibition, devoted to the Myth of Batak was organized in Sofia.

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