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Friday, July 01

Olli Rehn Condemns the Language of Hatred Against Greece and Bulgaria in Macedonian Media

Updated on: 03.04.2008, 14:35

Published on: 03.04.2008, 14:15


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The use of the language of hatred in some Macedonian media against neighboring countries is a terrible example of kindling feuds.

This claimed the European commissioner on enlargement Olli Rehn in an answer to the Bulgarian MEP from the Party of the European Socialists Evgeni Kirilov, informed

During a session of the Committee on foreign affairs in the European parliament with the participation of the EU Commissioner on enlargement Olli Rehn, Evgeni Kirilov asked him for a comment and expressed his anxiety of the recent events in Macedonia related to the putting of a billboard which depicts the Greek national flag with a swastika.

We are worried about the ongoing use of the language of hatred in some Macedonian media not only against Greece, but also against Bulgaria, said Olli Rehn.

According to the commissioner this this tone is not in the spirit of good relations between neighboring countries. In his reply Olli Rehn called the billboard incident not only a manifestation of bad taste but also a terrible example for kindling hatred towards neighboring countries and people.

The commissioner added that such a behavior was anti-European and opposite to any standards for good neighboring relations.