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Friday, July 01

Bulgaria is a "Turkish Toilet" in the Entropa Art Installation in Brussels

Updated on: 14.01.2009, 14:15

Published on: 13.01.2009, 12:35


Author: Diana Stoykova

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An art installation put up in the Justus Lipsius builiding of the EU Council in Brussels in a project of the Czech Presidency, portrays Bulgaria as a ground-hole toilet, or "Turkish toilet", in the words of the artist, BTA reports.

That has angered the Bulgarian official representation to the EU. Entitled "Entropa: Stereotypes are Barriers to be Demolished", the installation will remain in its stand-by mode until Thursday 15 January when it will "start to live" in the full regime. Entropa is the joint work of 27 artists, each one from a different Member State. Each object depicts one Member State using common stereotypes or prejudices.

The Presidency commissioned the artists without any restrictions and they were free to create any object they liked, according to a communication published on the Website of the Czech Presidency.

The project is explained by the author Elena Zhelepova in the booklet, prepared for the exhibition's opening: "Our project is dedicated to fake patriotism. I aim at creating debates and scandal. This is a gesture of punk, deliberately primitive, vulgar and teenager.

For comparison, Belgium is a giant case of chocolates, France is covered with a blind, reading "Strike!", Italy is a huge playground, at which the players hold a football in front of their loins, Luxemburg is overshadowed by the signature "For Sale", Spain is covered all over with concrete, and all that is left of the Netherlands above the sea level are several minarets. The UK's spot is left absolutely empty by the artist Halid Asadi. Romania is a kitsch entertainment park, called "Dracula Land".

Bulgaria's official delegation protests against the art installation, obviously interpreting its idea as an insult attempt.