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Wednesday, June 29

US Report: Borisov is a Mobster

Updated on: 08.03.2007, 14:13

Published on: 08.03.2007, 13:21


Author: NEWS.BG, image: Boyko Borisov, mayor of the Bulgarian capital

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WASHINGTON ( -- Sofia Mayor Boiko Borisov is linked to the biggest mobsters in Bulgaria, according to a confidential risk-analysis investigation of the country commissioned by a private bank, the U.S. Congressional Quarterly (CQ) writes.

The most powerful politician in Bulgaria, Washington's newest ally in the global war on terror, is a close associate of known mobsters and linked to almost 30 unsolved murders in the Black Sea republic, the report reads.

The U.S. partnership with Boyko Borisov, 48, a popular former Chief Secretary of the Bulgarian Interior Ministry, is the latest example of the political trade-offs involved in the Bush administration's global war on terrorism, which has put the Pentagon, CIA and FBI in bed with some of the world's most corrupt and thuggish leaders, the edition states.

According to a 3-inch thick confidential dossier compiled by a team of former top U.S. law enforcement officials on behalf of a Swiss financial house, Borissov is also considered "a business partner and former associate of some of the biggest mobsters in Bulgaria," CQ writes.
The 18-month-old report was obtained on condition that the bank and its investigators not be identified.

During a four-year term as Chief Secretary during 2001-2005, the report suggests, Borisov used his responsibility for policing official corruption to help mob associates wipe out their underworld competition.

But a former top FBI official deplored the Bush administration's embrace of Bulgaria, and by extension, Borissov, as a counterterrorism ally.

"Borissov has probably gone a long way to clean himself up," said the former official, who requested anonymity, "and my opinion is that he was much more vulnerable to criticism in 2005 than he is today.", CQ concludes.

The Bulgarian embassy in the U.S.A. has sent the article to the Bulgarian President's Office, Foreign and Interior Ministries.

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