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Saturday, June 25

Bulgarian state with over 3 billion euro uncollected taxes for 2008

Updated on: 10.06.2009, 20:21

Published on: 10.06.2009, 19:50


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The state has not collected 3.18 billion euro from taxes in 2008, announced for Darik the National revenue agency. Money has not been paid only by the big debtors, who have obligations for over 2500 euro.

The Revenue agency has sent over 8700 executive acts to the Agency for state collections, which acts cover debts for a total value of 2 553 billion euro.

Yesterday the tax officials announced that for 2008 four companies, threatened by a bankruptcy procedure, have paid over 2.1 million euro obligations to the state. The coverage measures for the debtors are over 2000 and the expected collection is 285 million euro.

In March the Revenue agency and the ministry of internal affairs started an action for confiscation of the weapons and passports of the big debtors. At the moment the owners of luxurious real estates and yachts are being investigated. Some time ago revisions of physical persons and landlords started. All these measure aim at increasing the collection of the due money.

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